Scuffs and scratches on leather-based car seats and leather-based furniture are an all problem that is t common can leave an unsightly part of harm on an otherwise perfect little bit of leather upholstery.

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Scuffs and scratches on leather-based car seats and leather-based furniture are an all problem that is t common can leave an unsightly part of harm on an otherwise perfect little bit of leather upholstery.


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The great news is that utilizing the guide and items shown on this web page (all in one kit!), getting rid of scratches and scuffs on fabric is quick, effortless and simple in the bank stability!

Begin to see the movie guide above plus the step-by-step guide below for details.

Products Required

Leather Repair Kit – To repair the harm to the leather-based

The leather-based seat shown to the left has suffered a nasty scuff/scratch, leaving a place of damage and color loss.

Despite what exactly is commonly thought, this is usually a problem that is relatively easy fix. With some user friendly products (available above!) and the steps supplied below, scuffs and scratches not need to be considered a nightmare!


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The first step is to ensure the area is free from dirt and contaminants as with all quality leather repairs and restorations.

To achieve this, just take the Leather Prep Pad and wipe the area down thoroughly.

When clean, keep the region to dry naturally for approximately minutes that are 5-10.


The scuff in the example shown ended up being quite rough to the touch, in circumstances where the damaged area is rough such as this, it is always better to sand the rough areas down.

You need to some 1200 grit sandpaper ( included in the kit) and carefully sand the certain area until it seems sm th to the touch. This guarantees a more end result that is professional.


After the rough areas were removed, aspects of loss to your leather-based must be filled for top level feasible outcome.

Have a amount that is small of Filler and sm th within the section of damage utilising the Spatula supplied (Excess can simply be wiped away) and invite to dry ( this will simply take 25-30 minutes naturally, this can be quickened by having a hairdryer.

Build the filler up in slim layers as required, by using this procedure, until its level with the surface regarding the leather. This might just take one layer, or a few, with respect to the severity associated with damage. It is usually important to leave the full time for the filler to dry completely at this stage, failing continually to achieve this will compromise the fix.


Once the filler has dried out adequately, the alternative is to sand the filler degree with all the surface associated with the leather-based.

Simply Take the 1200 grit sandpaper used previously and sand the used filler to ensure that it sits completely degree utilizing the area of this leather.


The kit has a amount of colourant (chosen on buying) and many tints, and also a color matching guide. Take the standard colourant and tint as needed, after the directions, to acquire a perfect match for your fabric. (Always test on an inconspicuous area whenever color matching, before you get the required colour.)

As s n as a suitable match has been achieved, merely apply a tiny bit of the matched colourant to your area being fixed, ensuring the entire area is covered. After application, dry with a hairdryer.

Use the method that is same of and drying to utilize as many slim coats as required to totally protect the damage.

The Colourant in this Kit has built in sealers therefore when used the fix will becomes scratch and scuff resistant.


As can be seen from the image that is after provided towards the left; by having a handful of easy to use items and a simple process, scuffs and scratches may be fixed quickly and with minimal cost.

Expert answers are very easy to achieve, even for the DIY novice! For those who have a scuff or even a scratch on your fabric, ch se the products you will need right here at an excellent cost today!

G ds Applied in this Guide

Ch se your products or services and add them to your basket.

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