Quicken Loans. Increase your group on GitHub. Quicken Loans IPO Boosts Billionaire Dan Gilbert’s Fortune By A Lot More Than $33 Billion

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Quicken Loans. Increase your group on GitHub. Quicken Loans IPO Boosts Billionaire Dan Gilbert’s Fortune By A Lot More Than $33 Billion

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A PHP complete implementation of RFC 6570

An XML serializer that actually works with interfaces (!)

A thin PHP microframework built on Slim and Symfony



A PHP that is thin microframework on Slim and Symfony

0 Updated Oct 27, 2020


Internal CircleCI Orbs for Rocket Mortgage Tech

0 Updated Oct 26, 2020


Scheduling, Logistics, and Data Orchestration pc software for mass drive through screening.

1 Updated Sep 24, 2020


Structured logging for Quicken Loans PHP projects

0 Updated May 2, 2020


Typical collection for Quicken Loans projects that are PHP

0 Updated Might 2, 2020


The JS Concord team is a small grouping of designers striving for a far more consistent project development experience that is javaScript.

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Simple caching standard for Quicken Loans PHP projects

0 Updated Apr 13, 2019


An XML serializer that actually works with interfaces (!)

1 Updated Feb 8, 2019


Start supply squeeze page. A full page to record currently active source that is open from Quicken Loans.

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Defines a behavior to be implemented for handling information which should be held when you look at the VM and occasionally refreshed.

0 Updated Dec 21, 2018


Lean RFC is an available, collaborative, and evolving exemplory instance of a standard procedure for managing the RFC procedure.

0 Updated Jul 17, 2018


A PHP full implementation of RFC 6570

0 Updated Jun 10, 2018

MessageRouter Archived

A CQRS (Event-driven) message router in F#

1 Updated Mar 2, 2018


A JQuery plugin that provides an user interface for managing a couple of files to upload. Data may have a thumbnail preview and will be eliminated prior to the upload action.

0 Updated Jan 22, 2018

Behaviors.js Archived

Define page that is dynamic via HTML characteristics

0 Updated May 8, 2017


2 Updated Mar 2, 2017


A realtime virtual board of adhesive sticky records for the brainstorming and retrospective requirements.

0 Updated Jul 13, 2016

SlickQuiz Archived

A jQuery plugin for creating pretty, powerful quizzes.

4 Updated Apr 8, 2016

RAMLsharp Archived

This really is an instrument for Web API, in .NET, to help you to immediately build RAML paperwork

0 Updated Feb 24, 2016


0 Updated Jul 12, 2015

node-easyxml Archived

Configurable Object to XML converter for Node.js

1 Updated Dec 22, 2014

RegExpose Archived

RegExpose – A regular phrase motor that reveals how it operates

0 Updated Jul 9, 2013

RandomGenerator Archived

RandomGenerator can be a library that is f creating random strings from F# (and C#) with a high variability.

0 Updated Jul 3, 2013

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    Detroit billionaire Dan Gilbert, whom founded mortgage firm Quicken Loans 35 years back, took the organization public Thursday on the newest York stock market when it comes to 2nd time in its history. With shares dealing at $19.30 at 12:45 pm ET, Gilbert’s 95% equity stake in Quicken Loans parent Rocket organizations is really worth $36.4 billion. Gilbert also offered $1.76 billion of Rocket organizations shares when you look at the IPO. Together with other assets — he owns the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA group and a chunk that is significant of property in Detroit — he’s worth $41.1 billion.

    That produces Gilbert, age 58, the seventeenth person that is richest in the us, and also the second wealthiest NBA team owner. Forbes had formerly valued Gilbert’s stake in Rocket businesses at $4.1 billion.

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