My toilet seat is l se, and I think requires rubber that is new at the program between the bowl as well as the hinges.

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My toilet seat is l se, and I think requires rubber that is new at the program between the bowl as well as the hinges.

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every time we retighten the hinge screws they work l se once more in just a matter of times. I might simply unscrew it all, nevertheless the toilet bowl is wholly sealed to your wall, enclosing whatever pea nuts or other receptacle the screws screw into. I am concerned that when We just take the screws out completely to suit washers that are new the nuts might fall far from the underside associated with the bowl necessitating a plumber call out to unmount the bowl from the wall.

To sum up, i will be asking just what it’s that the toilet seat hinge screws screw into, if I’m able to properly unscrew and rescrew those screws, without having usage of the lower of this toilet bowl.

they screw into synthetic nuts that are in the underside associated with lavatory. you will many likely need a screwdriver. it takes merely a few minutes and is truly very easy to do. you can unscrew the site nut completely from the bolt to remove the chair & replace, should you desire. new lavatory seats have their very own peanuts and bolts.

reach underneath, realize that bolt and hold it in position when you tighten the top part. should re solve your condition. if it gets l se once more after that, just get yourself a brand new chair. published by lester

Optimum solution i have never ever seen a toilet like this however I would personallyn’t eliminate the bolts if I did not know for certain the nuts were captive. Alternatively straight back them off a turn or two; squirt some locktite that is blue the thread; then tighten them up. Leave the locktite to cure for an full hour roughly and you ought to be g d.

Be sure you utilize Blue locktite (which for some reason that is crazy in a red pipe) since it is in a position to be disassembled with hand t ls without heat. The red stuff is excessive of power. posted by Mitheral

I’m with Mitheral – never ever seen one like this. Even the high-power units that are flush find in a shop’s bathr m you will get access to the lower for the dish. Possibly along with any makers marks if you t k some pictures and linked to them? In the event that product can be as you described, not merely may be the bolts inaccessible, the tank – when there is one – is also inaccessible, which is really a larger problem.

Having said that – “Each time we retighten the hinge screws” – tells me that when the hidden nuts on one other side are probably fused to your unit somehow, otherwise you’d just spin in position. published by Old’n’Busted

Show us your toilet. We love evaluating toilets

If it keeps l sening, one thing is stripped. posted by Mr. Yuck

It might you should be time and energy to change the bathr m chair. Cheap people have to be replaced when every other year, but even nicer people do not final forever. I am prepared to bet there’s some sort of access slot you are lacking, as it is a maintenance that is common for just about any toilet.

The toilet seat is held in position by plastic nuts – these can wear over time, especially if the hinge bolts are steel. Conversely, if the nuts are metal (and fixed into the porcelain, that might be the actual situation on your bathr m), and also the bolts are synthetic, you should have the exact same situation. posted by Slap*Happy at 6 10 AM on January 13, 2011

We accept what was already stated and just desired to add you go that route that it is possible to get toilet set hinges with metal nuts and bolts, which are easier to get really tight and would work better with Loc-Tite should.

An image associated with the bathr m or perhaps a one that is similar help somebody figure out how to reach the nuts.

Finally, at all when you just turn the screws if you aren’t using a wrench to hold the nuts and they aren’t held in place by a recess on the bowl or something similar, you may not really be tightening them. posted by TedW

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