MobiSquirt. This site assumes a connection is had by you working and you are clearly seeing realtime information into the software

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MobiSquirt. This site assumes a connection is had by you working and you are clearly seeing realtime information into the software

Where do you turn in the event that you notice issue with all the method the application is displaying or signing the info ?

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You can contribute and help improve MobiSquirt and there are a few pieces of data stored on your device once a connection has been established that can be used to help diagnose a data problem whether you are using a test version of the app or a release version.

The thing that is first must do is attempt to reproduce the issue with all the Demo system across a WiFi connection (you may use 3g and even 2g connections but these could introduce issues of one’s own so can be well prevented for troubleshooting sessions). Be sure you are linked to WiFi, go directly to the settings web web page, turn Demonstration Mode On and tap “Save” to trigger. As soon as a link into the demo host has been founded see in the event that issue you had been exists that are experiencing the Demo connection. If it does then utilize the contact us web page to report the issue explaining what the problem is and exactly how you reproduced reference it.

For information, the demonstration system utilizes real information from the logging session by having an MS1Extra MegaSquirt ECU managing a 5.7 litre V8 LS1 motor, any time you hook up to it the session starts right from the start and, in the event that you leave the demo mode operating long enough it will probably loop whenever it reaches the conclusion of the recorded session. Sooner or later we be prepared to add various sessions from different firmware revisions so that you should be able to choose the firmware variation you intend to hook up to in demonstration mode once the Demo connection is employed being a baseline for testing brand new releases of this application.

In the event that demonstration system doesn’t display exactly the same issue you may be experiencing or the effected information industry isn’t present within the demonstration firmware modification then you will find a couple more actions you can test.

The next thing is really and truly just confirming your computer data connection is neat and dependable. In case it isn’t this COULD nevertheless suggest a nagging problem because of the application. Using the software attached to your MegaSquirt (make every effort to turn demonstration mode down !) go directly to the information look at the realtime web web page.

Over the variety of information areas and their values is just a status label that will be additionally updated regularly

The amount of bytes reported per packet is definitely the size of the information received each right time the MegaSquirt ECU delivers the realtime information. This packet size ought to be stable, offering a value that is constant. In the event that value is evolving frequently then that shows a interaction issue involving the software as well as the MegaSquirt. Either data gets lost or perhaps the WiFi adaptor is buffering the information causing gaps in the info stream.

The “normal” side effects with this style of information loss is random or fluctuating information values since the software attempts to seem sensible regarding the data it really is getting, frequently ultimately causing transposed information values.

If you’re seeing this sort of fluctuation be sure you have actually put up your WiFi adaptor according to the configuration guide.

And lastly… if you’ve been through the aforementioned but still maybe not discovered a remedy then it is time for you to make use of the final tool(s) into the debugging armoury.

Within the normal procedure of MobiSquirt the software stores information from your own MegaSquirt which is used because of the application to determine values but can additionally be helpful information with regards to debugging.

The file which are produced, obtainable in iTunes through the App File sharing display screen, is named pages.plist This file is normally produced included in the connection procedure and possesses most of the configuration pages through the MegaSquirt unit. It’s a file that is similar the .msq file that many MegaSquirt users are aware of. The file is truly an xml file plus the articles can be looked at in a browser even though information content is of small usage except that to “power users”.

In the event that you go directly to the settings web page and switch on “Raw information Recording” the application will even create one more file when you’re signing this is certainly very helpful for debugging the application.

With Raw Data tracking fired up, take up a logging session in the realtime gauges web page as you would ordinarily do. Once you stop logging and see the File Sharing in iTunes you’ll see that along with the normal file there are going to be an addition file called rawdata.plist. For v1.1 and soon after, whenever Raw Data logging is fired up and also you email a log file from in the software, any available pages and rawdata file are connected to the e-mail.

This rawdata.plist file provides the unprocessed information packets which were gotten through the MegaSquirt ECU throughout the logging session that is last. Keep in mind that the application only keeps one file, it’s overwritten any time you begin a logging session therefore is just valid for the datalog file that is last.

Once again, the raw information file is stored within an xml format,should you intend to see the articles, with every entry representing an information packet received through the ECU.

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