How One Con Guy Applied OkCupid For Fun, Fraud, And Profit

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How One Con Guy Applied OkCupid For Fun, Fraud, And Profit

Anthony began observing mystical withdrawals through the company account that is checking. “I’d ask him, ‘Why do you invest this cash?’ He would say, ‘Oh some groceries were bought by me and sought out to Hoboken to operate on dishes.’ I would ask the restaurant, and so they’d state he had beenn’t here.” At one point Dan produced cable transfer from the account to a female that, Anthony later discovered, he owed cash to. The bottom dropped out whenever people who own the Hoboken restaurant approached Anthony having a sheaf of printed searches that are google Dan Kaufman.

“we stated, ‘Dan, they understand,'” Anthony says. “‘I understand. You will need to let me know the facts.’ He switched almost see-through white, and began stuttering and fidgeting, and said, ‘I’m a person that is bad i am crazy, i am unwell into the mind.'” Despite being caught, Dan nevertheless insisted to Anthony that he had been a cook, and they could nevertheless make their partnership work. Anthony invested the next month attempting, and failing, to obtain their money-back. Involving the cable transfers, bounced checks, therefore the three Culinary Institute of America pupils whom Dan, unbeknownst to Anthony, had employed as interns at $20 each hour, Anthony had been out approximately $50,000. It doesn’t also are the customers he destroyed. Without getting him thrown in jail though he knew that Dan was on probation, he initially tried to settle it.

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Anthony monitored down Dan’s moms and dads to try and recover. He quickly discovered that Dan was not raised in Martha’s Vineyard. Diane and Howard Kaufman go on shady road into the Boston suburb that is nondescript of, Mass. Whenever Anthony called, Diane began shrieking at him through the telephone: “Who the fuck are you currently? What makes you calling? Daniel just isn’t our obligation! We already bailed him out once. Usually do not call me once again.” Whenever I called while reporting this story, their daddy responded: “we can not allow you to. I am sorry.” (we additionally reached off to Dan’s cousin, who lives in bay area. She declined to comment.)

As Anthony attempted to save their company, and Dan promised limply to repay him—at one point he deposited $79 into Anthony’s account—he started hearing off their individuals Dan had cheated. The girl in Michigan who’d flown Dan out to consult on her behalf restaurant; he took $5,000 from her. The l . a . restaurateur whom shipped away half her menu on dry ice to their apartment after he posed being an investor that is potential “samples.” The brokerage firm which had provided him $50,000 to take a position rather than heard from him once again.

Fundamentally, he called Dan’s parole officer, but had been told that absolutely absolutely absolutely nothing might be done unless unlawful costs had been filed. Whenever Anthony attempted to do this, he claims, both the NYPD plus the Manhattan District Attorney’s workplace told him that, since Dan was a partner in the commercial, it absolutely was a civil matter. He ultimately quit attempting to recover, although not before Dan finally broke straight down and admitted to him which he was never ever a cook: “I’m not sure simple tips to cook. I have invested all this work time wanting to persuade myself that i really do. I am a crazy individual, and We need help. I am such as this since I have ended up being a young kid.”

He had beenn’t that real way in senior high school. Certainly one of Dan’s classmates at Wayland highschool explained which he had been “a standard, run-of-the-mill kid.” Dan played no activities, he stated. “He ended up being a lot more of an artsy, drama kid than the usual jock. However it ended up being a little senior school, in which he had been a standard kid.” After graduating school that is high Dan invested a while in Vermont. He filed for bankruptcy here in 1995. One of the unpaid creditors ended up being Massachusetts Bay Community university. It is ambiguous exactly exactly what he did with all the 12 years amongst the bankruptcy and their arrival in Brooklyn Heights, but public documents reveal he lived in Boston and accumulated a lot more than $80,000 in civil judgements and income tax liens.

Daniel Kay the cook demonstrably was not training for Kaufman. Therefore last summer, he became Dan Kay the net 2.0 business owner. Their OkCupid profile, according to those who saw it, had been cleansed of any sources to meals. He replaced the images of him in kitchen areas with nondescript snowboarding photos. Their face was always obscured.

It really is not clear whenever CloudMob Media, the mobile marketing business he is accused of defrauding, hired him as the primary technology officer. The organization would not get back duplicated telephone calls. Based on the unlawful grievance filed on behalf of a fake contractor against him last month, Dan was working at CloudMob in November 2011 when he began fraudulently billing it:

[D]efendant was employed at Cloud Mob Media, Inc. in November, 2011. [O]n two occasions defendant told informant that defendant could have another person do work with the business, and having said that company then issued checks into the quantity of $16,467.00 and $3,024.61 to many other people. [S]aid individuals cashed stated checks and not did any work with said company.

[S]aid checks had been given to defendant’s gf and defendant’s landlord and. defendant claimed in substance I TOOK THE AMOUNT OF MONEY BECAUSE we OWED RENT ON A HOME IN MONTAUK. I had been ATTEMPTING TO WOW our GIRLFRIEND.

Dan told the audience he went with in Montauk final summer time he said he had purchased with AOL founder Steve Case that he was the CTO of Netscape, which. He stated these people were in the act of rebranding it as being a browser that is mobile. Before that, he stated, he previously been a programmer at Bing. Whenever Tim Armstrong left for AOL, he brought Dan over with him as being a report that is direct. He explained their affiliation with CloudMob by saying he had employed the ongoing company to accomplish some agreement benefit Netscape.

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