Co-ParentMatch has a customer rating of 3.67 movie stars from 15 reviews indicating that most clients are usually pleased with their purchases.

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Co-ParentMatch has a customer rating of 3.67 movie stars from 15 reviews indicating that most clients are usually pleased with their purchases.


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Firstly, in the event that you email them on their info@ email address it bounces back. Their e-mail doesn’t work even! Secondly, I didn’t subscribe however when I found delete my account it said I’d to prevent my registration via Paypal. I do not have a Paypal membership! Is this a scam to keep my profile on their web site so it l ks busy? Additionally, we instantly was harassed by about 10 fake that is different pages of males. They state most of the things that are right sound t g d to be real. DO NOT TRUST THE GREAT REVIEWS THEY TRULY ARE FAKE! If you appear at the 2 g d reviews right here, funny coincidence they were both written at precisely the same time? These were reviews that are probably fake by the scammers who run this site.

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Co-parentmatch is just a website that is great truthful and reliable individuals. Its simple usage and myself and my spouse are finally able to talk about the future and talk about our desires to have kids. We now have had contact with a few people and I have always been surprised how nice and chilled most people are. This site is quite expert and I also would highly recommend it to other people. Thanks dudes and great site.

1 most of the pages we contacted were inactive for months. If they are genuine individuals they need to at least login to view message when they usually do not need to reply. This suggests that 90% of the donors profile are fake. 2 You ought to point out in your website there is no gurantee we are going to ever hear from anyone at all. 3 There is no contact information of the webite. Only contact us form means no interaction that is human situation some body has inquiries. That knows your website is run from the someones`s home to produce bucks that are extra. 4 If you’re really into noble company, allow users in order to cacel subscription in first days that are few. In the end we’re spending to obtain in touch with others and not ghosts. And we should get a refund if all of so called profiles have not logged in for months if we paid to contact others. 5 I am tossing trash because you folks have not behaved profesionally. Consider language you guys utilize and irony is you dont value individuals who feel “riped off” until you get money by you which shows your business is only. No comprehension of clients situation. 6 Last but escort service Stamford most certainly not least, i canceled my membership within 5 days of joining, and if we do not obtain a refund, i shall proceed with my definitely bank for “solution not recieved or as described”. We have strong consumer legal rights unlike where you are found, and no doubt get my cash from Visa. Nonetheless, we shall remember to compose reviews everywhere i find to warn other peopl not to fall in your trap. Expect you’ll be well-known for all the stealing.

Hi Neelam, i’m sorry which you experienced an experience that is negative of. I shall attempt to address a few of your points. Firstly you state that “all profiles are fake” whenever really not just one profile that is single the web site is fake. Please name some pages you say are fake. Next you say that “it is wiser to get some body in real life than on such sites”. There are that most individuals who use Co-ParentMatch haven’t been able to find somebody within their life through old-fashioned methods thus the reason they consider our site. This is insulting to people. Thirdly you state we are “fraud and ripping off”. You feel fraud has occurred that would be helpful rather than throwing around slanderous remarks if you could provide some more detail about how. Everyone is eligible for their opinion nonetheless on this occasion you have slandered this hard working company and insulted our company and totally incorrect information to our members.

Whenever another member was rude and insulting if you ask me without any explanation, I reported towards the site. The reaction had been one of the most unprofessional we have actually ever encountered. Some body named “Sally” ignored everything we had stated, and had demonstrably cut and paste a formulaic response, evident from paragraphs having various fonts and different font sizes. She implied I had demanded NI, that has been untrue and provable on paper, she implied we hadn’t made a profile that is accurate also untrue, and provably so written down, and she implied I’d maybe not complied because of the site’s guidelines. The only method she might have stated some of that would be on her behalf to possess not read my problem, or the unpleasant message, and even my profile. I had provided AI being a first method, along with other simply being options, and my profile had already stated “any” technique. When I demanded that she retract her lies, I happened to be then addressed with highly patronizing, condescending drivel, claiming that I only “felt” unfairly addressed, and about how exactly wonderful their site is. I have expected on paper for contact details to her superior / and / or company CEO and been refused. Evidently they have no idea of a) transparency and accountability of staff b) customer service c) the wishes for the women I really could have helped with fertility problems, totally free and also to the profit of the website d) or any form of quality control, also towards the tips of not slandering and committing libel against innocent people. You may or may not connect with somebody who sincerely gets the same aims I would express two concerns as you, but. First, many of the profiles seem to be fake, especially those where there seems to be just 2 or 3 in a certain country, and next, if you have any reason to keep in touch with your website’s staff, they’ll not read anything you say, and will insult you with lies from some generic list of standard choices. In fact the acknowledgement that is non address of my concerns shows that reactions are either from a fully automatic AI program, or from a total non-English presenter who is cutting and pasting generic sentences. A few non-grammatical sentences suggest that the staff responding are non speakers that are english. Eg. “. have cased them to grumble.” Not really a sentence that a indigenous speaker anywhere in the world would produce. If everyone can tell me their company’s location and CEO I would be grateful. Being truly a donor that is medical does not entitle individuals to inform lies about me or engage in unexpected name calling. The site additionally does a variety of behaviours which are both racist and ageist.

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